Intermezzo: Best Latin Music

A composer said the best way to improve the understanding of music is listening to different genres and musical styles.
If so, Guitar Collection guitars this album I can say as one of the best Spanish music ever recorded in audio form.
This album contains 32 works of three pioneering guitarist and composer of classical Spanish guitar as Fernando Sor, Dionisio Aguado and Francisco Tarrega.

Each paper was quoted by the Austria born Canadian guitarist, Norbert Kraft to Paulino Bernabe guitar brand.

Music lovers can listen to the accuracy of the fingers; the paper quoted Kraft Sor, Aguado and Tarrega dialun solo harmony.

This album displays the melody ‘polyphonic’ unique three Spanish composers that have elements in their own way and different musical arrangements with each other.

Kraft played 10 works of Soar who hails from Barcelona. Sor is famous for its strength composite melody from the simple to the complex and he called the “Beethoven of Guitar ‘.

Among the works of Sor in this album are a Menuet Op 11 No 6 and the two most famous works, Op 17 and Op 35 No. 6 No. 12.

A total of 14 works of Tarrega are also included. Lagrima or ‘tear drops’ and Estudio Brillante between soul and sense of touch. Several other works of composers such as Rosita Villarreal, Marieta and Adelita in the CD.

One certainly played masterpiece Recuerdos De La Alhambra, the work of ‘standard’ is often quoted by the ‘Virtuoso’ guitarist Julian Bream and internationally as Wulfin Lieske.

One of the most famous works of Tarrega around the world in this album is the Gran Vals used as ringtones ‘standard’ handset makers.

A total of eight works of Aguado, coming from Madrid, as Menuet, Andante, Estudio 17 and some ‘rudimentary’ guitar training is also available as Leccion Leccion 19 and 24.

The presence of this CD provides an alternative for listeners to enjoy the sound of the guitar without using electricity or ‘Amplified’.

I hope to write about on one of the world’s best guitar quartet, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ), headed by Andrew York after this.


ARTISTE: Norbert Kraft
TITLE: Guitar Collection of Sor, Aguado and Tarrega
GENRE: Classical Spanish Guitar Music
RELEASE: MVD Music (Naxos)

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