Bersih 3.0: True or Two visions for democracy

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 April – Studying abroad in the past year, I missed Bersih 2 0 and I felt a sense of regret each time he heard the stories of my friends have to relate their experiences This day allowed my participation in Providence on Saturday Bersih 3 0 indecent years, there is a story that was at a rapid pace in the history of the development of Malaysia, is tried and democracy to grow legitimate claims Bersih are what causes people to the masses and the risks of a mere intellectual assent to demands should not be enough Bersih question to bring thousands to the streets of the city, I suggest that one of the main reasons for the decision of the majority of people on the street Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, flooding was the desire to be part of history for those applicationsBersih agree to be, is the realization by many that they themselves have to agents who work for the desired result

Other Stories

First, I must confess that I was called soon after Datuk Ambiga the demonstration a success, and advised the people to slowly spread to 15 hours before I went home to my role in the story reflect prepared to left writing my thoughts, I ran away from home, now everyone knows that, the rally has changed dramatically – but only after learning of receiving text messages on the control of TLR and push me when I get home this what I was in the unique position , a version of the story lived on in my head what I have so much to write before he experienced the base, because I found that the actual result of the Bersih 3 0 So I had two sets of reflections, in the alternative story that I thought would happen, and a true to the story instead of scrapping the basis of a presentation and the other is based, I felt that together provide an overview of the desire for democracy supporters Bersih

A Whole New World

Reflecting on the part of the Bersih 3 0 part was – a feeling of belonging that I have so many people like the feeling of joy, that has the size of the crowd and the growing thinking, see euphoria to sing together – I realized that the most intense moments in which the importance for all participants on the contrary will be distributed, could the speeches of the leaders are not a fraction of the value of singing “Negaraku” Overall, this is, in other words, the power comes from a collectively – that democracy is strongest democracy to achieve their ideal power distribution target for all people, which calls the philosopher Hegel, the “struggle for recognition” With the completion of humility that we only play a minor role in the whole revelation is appalling that we ultimately play a role Paradoxically importance of this role is not necessarily lost in small masses, but to get involved as part of all citizens in a democracy is to many of today play Bersih 3 0 had their civic duty in the country they love – even if their individual voices are not heard, unlike the archetypal hero of literary vision of the importance of individual heroism, but it is also evident in the force in the movement Bersih their number and not a single person – the large number of participants was the main reason he called Ambiga success before we disperse to advise on the need for the Commission will not hear the government and the elections, a few isolated voices, little is any validity, their arguments are, but you can not to ignore thousands of citizens who show more than in Kuala Lumpur, even if all you do is sit down and singing is the key question Bersih that a movement of civil society, from celebrities and politicians, to be bitten by press conferences, sound and visibility can, but all legitimate power, why the push for democracy, so that people can lose meaning finally removed by assuming the role they are to society in a rally like this each plays a small role, but by the Cross appointed, no longer endure

The real world

I had stopped believing that democracy is the exercise of power was for Malaysia is good because it is the benefit of his people in their struggle for meaning, if this bill seems too idealistic reality hit me hard and when I found out quickly, as completed the, rally the ‘t won speculate a lot about the causes of the chaos happens except to say that among the theories of provocation and saboteurs were not favor able, no doubt, the act violently Bersih Many friends of my outraged that our contribution through the absurdity of these people will be ruined, not to get so far, I was in the brief that I had my ideal world Bersih designed to show our best and a case that democracy should work, even those who are cynical and expects a tough police presence would have reminded accounts Bersih 2 0 of the collective spirit and help people to each other in the face of danger, but is immortalized push for inciting violence and democracy, contrary to what many expected and hoped But as I kept my optimism has given way, I am convinced that democracy is what Malaysia must continue to fight and that we are peaceful, but when I briefly saw democracy as a vehicle for good in Malaysia, because if people drive responds the man today was an important need for a different reason for the Bersih 3 0, that the line between good and evil is not about party lines or to work against a cause line through the center of every human heart, without reducing the debt of Government and the police and even the most ardent proponents of Bersih was able to violence and hatred of the author CS Lewis said that democracy was necessary because “nobody can trust the unchecked power over his fellow men” In other words, we do not need democracy because we are good, but because they have fallen and the dilution of the imperfect power in the people of a nation is required to prevent another person or group that the platform to negate the pain that cannot be the potential for a good separation effect, but it is naive to think that we are incapable, each of a slow descent into corruption

A unique vision

But it also means that there appears to have on the side of evil and corruption continue to do what is revealed goodness itself as a supporter Bersih worse, though perhaps the most inclined of those violent provocation is in deep sleep and conditioner in a swoon, but wait , replaced the sobering events of the 28th April, my thoughts, which may lead to the face not abandoned us in a state of despair, best and worst of human nature – is both, but make a strong argument for the need for democracy in Malaysia This is to remind you that the struggle for democracy is not only at national level to combat corruption and injustice – that inside we do every day what is right morally and therefore for all those who were in peace and courage to literally throw the first stone, and seek out the other cheek, in a figurative sense, blessed to work for peace. And no less, we are not just spectators, but the means, the true cause of democracy in Malaysia.

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